October 9, 2010


Every time I look at these spaces I melt . . . . . .

Orgasmic Architecture evokes an emotional response within everyone! It takes your breath away, regardless if its a picture or your actually standing before it!

Here are a few of my great Lovers !


OMA to remodel soon



Rem Koolhass



Herzog & de Meuron Museum, Spain


October 9, 2010

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October 9, 2010

Welcome to Orgasmic Architecture!

What inspires us? What drives us as architects and designers . . . . . What ultimately, turns us on . . . . . This is Orgasmic Architecture!

Architecture turns me own and has become my entire purpose in life! In college I never dated. . . . I made love to buildings and spaces. I let buildings consume me and let them inspire me to create something worth thinking about! To formalize my feelings in three words, “I can’t breathe”, my blood pressure raises, and its just me and the architecture. In college my friends thought I was crazy but certain buildings immerce me, as I am sucked into a cyclone of vibrant energy and consuming what the space is trying to say to me. It is extraordinary!

This blog will chronicle all of the fantastic buildings and spaces that “turn me on” and prove to the world that orgasmic deisgn is possible, and possible through Architecture . . .

October 9, 2010

Koolhaas:Delirious New York

And it continues with Rem Koolhaas . . . . . .

Delirious New York

My true love affair with design began after reading “Delirious New York” by

Rem Koolhaas.  Rem changed my life. . . .

I learned that I needed to grow a voice and express what I saw through Architecture.

Architecture, was after all my life, my love, and my passion! After this experience

I kept my eyes open and let my guard down.

October 9, 2010


My obsession begins at the Pantheon in Rome . . . .