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October 9, 2010


Every time I look at these spaces I melt . . . . . .

Orgasmic Architecture evokes an emotional response within everyone! It takes your breath away, regardless if its a picture or your actually standing before it!

Here are a few of my great Lovers !


OMA to remodel soon



Rem Koolhass



Herzog & de Meuron Museum, Spain


October 9, 2010

Koolhaas:Delirious New York

And it continues with Rem Koolhaas . . . . . .

Delirious New York

My true love affair with design began after reading “Delirious New York” by

Rem Koolhaas.  Rem changed my life. . . .

I learned that I needed to grow a voice and express what I saw through Architecture.

Architecture, was after all my life, my love, and my passion! After this experience

I kept my eyes open and let my guard down.

October 9, 2010


My obsession begins at the Pantheon in Rome . . . .